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Friday, September 16, 2011

Quick Tip:How to say Thank You.

Quick tip:
Be Fast- A casual dinner at a friend's house merits an email or a call within 48 hours. Its always good to be specific: The recent makeover of your host's kitchen or the pictures she showed you from her upcoming exhibition? Mention them.

Put it in Writing- Anything involving a printed invitation requires a handwritten note. The more fun the party the better the not should be.

Bear Gifts-if a friend throws a party in your honor, a thank you present is appropriate. In this case , I far prefer someone to give me an experience: Take me sailing or to a dinner. Unwanted gifts can be a hassle.

Spread the word- If someone recommends you for a job, a proper thank you note is in order; dinner or flowers or a gift certificate are even lovelier. But the greatest gift you can give someone is to speak well of her in the future, and to perpetuate stories about her that she would want to perpetuated.

By: The Beauty Expert Allure!

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